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Working conditions and health inequalities, evidence and policy implications

Johannes Siegrist, Diego Montano, Hanno Hoven
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Siegrist J, Montano D & Hoven H (2014). DRIVERS final scientific report: Working conditions and health inequalities, evidence and policy implications. Report produced as part of the ‘DRIVERS for Health Equity’ project, Düsseldorf: Centre for Health and Society, Faculty of Medicine, Heinrich Heine-Universität.
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In this final scientific report of research accomplished within Work Package 3 of DRIVERS (‘Work and Health Inequities, including Policy Recommendations’) we demonstrate how the three main project aims have been accomplished. These aims are: (1) to establish an updated knowledge base on associations of work, social inequality, and health; (2) to synthesise current evidence on feasibility and outcomes of work and health-related interventions at different levels, by critically evaluating applied methodologies and by comparing the methods of improving intervention effectiveness; and (3)to develop and apply a theoretical model linking national labour and social policies to the quality of work and their effects on unequal health. With findings drawn from systematic reviews, and from secondary data analyses performed on the basis of newly available data from selected European surveys, we update and extend the knowledge base on associations of social inequalities, work and health in several respects.
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