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Social Determinants of Child Health: Concepts and Measures for Future Research

Kelli Komro, Scott Burris, Alexander C Wagenaar
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Health Behavior & Policy Review. 1(6):432-445, 2014
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Objectives: This review examines the effects of family economic security policies on child and family health outcomes, formulates a framework for possible mechanisms of effect, and introduces our policy surveillance system to measure changes in state laws affecting social determinants of health. Methods: We carried out a comprehensive review of the published literature on family economic security policies and health outcomes. Results: There is a paucity of studies examining effects of economic policies on child and family health behaviors and outcomes; moreover, even fewer investigate causal pathways from policy to mediating changes in social and physical conditions or health behaviors. Conclusion: State policy variations offer a valuable opportunity for scientists to conduct natural experiments and contribute to evidence linking social policy effects to family and child wellbeing.
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